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NON partnerships


Shillers and influencers
If you are a Twitter Influencer, part of a Shillers Army, Alphas, a TikTok creator, or a YouTuber interested in partnering with us to promote $NON, we are excited to collaborate with you! To get started, please complete this form:

If you are a Centralized Exchange (CEX) representative and would like to partner with us for listings and marketing initiatives, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate! To begin, please fill out this form:

mani exchange.png

media publication
If you are a newspaper or an agency interested in working with us for articles and marketing campaigns, we are eager to collaborate! To initiate the process, please complete the form provided below:


NON folder
Here you can find the updated repository for marketing materials that you can freely use to help us to grow the NON community.

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